An Afternoon on the Hudson River on a {mostly} Wordless Wednesday . . .

On Sunday afternoon, we boarded our little boat that we inherited when my dad passed away and tooled up and down the Hudson River for a few hours.  We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the country and seeing it from the water just reinforces this for me.  : )

There are so many beautiful homes that overlook the Hudson. 

A perfect spot for fishing!!

The flag is at half staff for the Marines that perished in a helicopter accident two weeks ago.  Several of them were from our area.  So incredibly sad.

A short but sweet reprieve from the sun.

You can keep all of those big houses overlooking the river.  I'll take this one!!  : )

This tour boat was heading to a place called Bannerman Island.  It's a tiny island in the middle of the Hudson that has an old castle on it.  Parts of it have been restored for people to visit.  They even have movie nights where you can go and watch on outdoor movie under the stars.  : )

Bannerman Island.


Our little town offers kayaking lessons on the weekends during the summer.  Apparently, business is booming!! 

The Captain of "The Rip Tide" (aka my honey).  We named the boat after my dad whose nickname was "Rippy."

The first mate looking for land.

Land ho!!!

Hopefully the first of many boating excursions this summer.  We haven't been out on the water for two years.  Last summer, Jim worked so much overtime due to his company being shorthanded and the summer before that we were getting our old house in order to put it on the market.  We swore we'd be on the boat this summer though and, wouldn't you know it, we saw a butterfly when we arrived back on shore.  A butterfly is one of my dad's signs to let us know he's still around. 

Amazing grace!!  xoxo


In the Garden {mid-July edition} . . .

Popping in to say hi and to share some photos with you.  Megan was sick all week.  She had some sort of virus with vomiting and a high fever.  It really knocked her on her butt.  She's feeling much better thankfully and went back to camp today.  I was concerned with a field trip they had scheduled to a local art center for today.  Not too sure if she would be okay with a lot of walking in the heat.  Everything turned out fine.  We received an email last night that they were postponing until August due to impending inclement weather.  It turned out to be on the cool side today, with rain on and off all day.  : )

We thought for sure this rhododendron bush was dead but it bloomed a few very pretty flowers last week.  Better late than never!!

I've spent most of this week inside.  It's been a very warm and humid week here so it hasn't been so bad.  You would think I'd get a lot accomplished around the house but it's difficult when you have a sick girl who wants her mama to sit with her on the couch.  : (  I've been getting such an itch to decorate the house.  Our plan was to have things painted after we moved in but, for one reason or another, that hasn't happened.  I've put off hanging some of the beautiful frames I've been collecting over the last couple of years that I've bought with the intention of filling them with some of my favorite photos.  I think it's time to do so.  The painting can wait some more if it has to.  

The lavender has really taken over this part of our garden.  It smells so pretty but I think we have to move some of it before Buddha gets swallowed up by it!!

Here's a photo of the lavender taken from farther back.  Things really need to be cut back and transplanted.  The family that owned our home before us really loved more greenery in the gardens then flowers.  I prefer more flowers but I don't like to just dig up greenery and throw it to the curb.  I'm going to sit down one day and draw a diagram of how I want things to look.  At least that will give me a good start.  : )

More lavender under the bird bath.

A lone rose on the rose bush.

Can you tell we have a pool and a young daughter??  : )

I was told this is a St. John's Wort bush.  Whatever it is, the honey bees LOVE it!!

Remember that grassy corner of the patio?  My honey did a great job of cleaning everything up last weekend.  : )

I've really been feeling the urge to be creative again.  I've been going thru lots of crafting supplies that I've collected thru the years.  I've been listing many of them in my Etsy shop but I've also been eyeing a few pretty papers and embellishments from when I was full blown into making greeting cards. 

I have a very strong belief in angels and spirit guides and years ago I bought a deck of cards by Sonia Choquette called "Ask Your Guides: Connecting to your Divine Support System."  It can be found here if you're interested.  Whenever I feel the need to, I'll usually pick three cards to see what messages I'm in need of hearing.  This morning I picked three cards and one of them was a card that pertained to . . . wait for it . . . feeling the need to be creative!!  So I guess that kinda seals the deal for me.  I've already cleared a space in my office/studio to pull things out and get busy.  I've been combing thru some of my many old issues of Somerset magazine to get some ideas.  I've pulled out some old baby cards that I think I'll use to create some gift tags.  I made a bunch of gift tags using vintage cards years back and they sold like hot cakes at a holiday craft fair where I was a vendor.  Surprisingly, most of the people that bought them were teenage girls.  One young girl came to my table and bought a few of them for Christmas gifts and then went back and showed her friends and soon my table was crowded with happy young girls oohing and aahing over my creations.  Go figure!!  Lol!!

Heading out to dinner now.  All three boys are away this weekend so me might just get some peace and quiet around here.  Although Meg is raring to go after being so sick so I think I have to take that back.  : )

Have a beautiful and peaceful weekend!!

~ Wendy  xo